Specialization Matters
You wouldn’t go to a dermatologist if you had an earache.
Similarly, you should consider using an Altera design specialist if you want the best advice on incorporating FPGA devices in your next design.
Princeton Technology Group has been designing with Altera components for over 20 years
and we have the experience to quickly and competently complete projects and avoid costly errors.

In fact, when it came to choosing a company to design and manufacture their DSP evaluation boards, Altera chose us for the task.
We are familiar with the entire Altera product line and toolset.
We have designed complete System-on-a-chip solutions with Altera SOPC builder,
including using the internal phase-locked loops, the Altera Nios II embedded processor, and Altera MegaCore IP.

Additionally, we have the software and systems expertise to solve complex technical problems through the innovative application of softwarehardware solutions.
Let us work with your engineering team on your next design and we’ll show you what a difference that can make.